Alta Productions


has been in the audio dubbing industry for more than 3 decades. We have made our mark with local and international clients for a wide range of materials from TV soap series, animals and movies.  Our core production standards have kept us a key player in the industry. This is who we are what we do.


Casting the right voices for the character is as important as the correct translation. We cast and develop character voices to bring out the drama, emotion and intensity of each materials.


Translation is not just converting one language to another. We translate using exact words and sentences that syncs with the length of the original of audio without losing its essence.


Each and every dubbing session is supervised by first rate audio-video directors and precisely handled by highly skilled audio technicians. Our multiple recording studios are all equipped with precision microphones and high-end recording platforms


The beauty of the original soundtrack, ambience and sound effects are kept intact and mixed with new dubbed voices. These are done by professional audio mixing technicians using high-end audio mixing tools.